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A young and ambitious artist from south of Norway. Hailing from Arendal, Torine combines uncompromising pop, electronic productions and hints of R&B to form a sound totally of her own. A naturally productive songwriter, she recently moved to Oslo to pursue her career and will soon be releasing her first music.

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Daniel Løberg

Producer based at the Sailor Music studios in Stockholmgata 20, having worked with Ponette, Hanne Mjøen, Inga, Torine, Eirik, Zookeepers, Jimi Somewhere, CLMD ++

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Christoffer Simpson & David Michelsen

A producer team working together in Norsk Lydstudio in Mjøndalen about 45 minutes outside of Oslo ( Having worked with artists such as Hanne Mjøen, Chris Holsten, Donkeyboy, Mako & Rat City, Bright ++